Start and live your day as you choose to end it!

SUNSET by Naoufal Sbaoui
SUNSET by Naoufal Sbaoui

So far, so good: i wrote my text in one shot, as i get used to do…and i forgot to save it!! You know what feeling overwhelms you: How do i start it again??

Let me take a long breathe and replace the main idea (in fact it’s the idea of being true to myself with what comes to my mind)

Well it’s about how i start my day. I was telling you that it’s a choice, natural one. The way your body moves from the first step you take, out of your bed. The way your spontaneous moves and gestures unflows, smoothly, to stand up, and finally start. It’s all about the love you give to yourself, the happiness you discuss the achievements of the day with your inside « me ». He choose. You act. and DO. And no matter what will happen as your day is unfolding with its quota of bad news, hard decision making, etc..I chose to take from all this a positive outcome. Something i ll keep and turn  into an undeniable value added.

As i am beginning this mood-ticket-chronic of my new day, i might tell you how i’ve ended the last one. In fact, My very late yesterday stopped suddenly, on an unfinshed conversation. What a frustration. So as my sweet (but short) dreams. They were putting into a puzzle the nestable pieces of a far heached situation.Arguing on life, it’s like pouring water into the sand…endless, with no « instruction book ».Complicated.

Trying to avoid risky , tricky, future situations, gambling on something you can’t really master, or fully control. No control freak allowed here! It’s called human being: the only thing sure and taken for granted is the constant refreshing. Now, would it be on te same mindset projection, at the good timing…Life give us a blow, sometimes shut us down, almost broken sometimes.But it has its part of surprises container. I am-and will always be- interrested and attracted by this one. It’s like an aimant. I can’t stand it but to go and discover. If i had to chose, again today, i chose to risk myself. I chose to go beyond the past, beyond the advices, beyond the statistics that are not statics, beyond what i wrote into my memories on the list « don’t do it again » and « never try this one »!

The famous quote i cherish-One Life No Rules– stems from this outloud roar of life: What is to put into contribution your whole life experience, if not to erect fear of the unknown, or the famous impression of « déja vu » situations, barriers, stick in the wheels, morbid probabilities, transfer on a person.

This one is Epic, but here we call: « experience speaks ».

So again, wisdom. Common Sens. Prevention. I am strong but Fragile. You can read it, engraved on my neck « use with caution ». But i only hear one thing coming from that deep inner voice: If you don’t go, you won’t know…I am a Believer. An impuIsive, passionate, true person who believes in the magic of life. How strong determination and will can succesfully influence your developpement…Because i was broke. and i rebirth. Because i thought i was weak. I now know i am Strong, rough, and i can fight; I can fight anything, for my person. But i need one thing: to keep my serenity and my freedom to choose…things will come to me, validated by my choice, good will, and certainties.

After all, i wanted to share this thouhgt of the day , since i am still waiting for some certainties to turn into reality, it pop up to my mind: remember that:  even in the fairytales, the happy end is at the last page, at the end of the book.

Today i choose to make each page, turn pages, untill i came across this very special One I Want. And I will make it. I’ll tell you more tomorrow 🙂

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