Offer yourself the Best Christmas’ gift ever!

smokingHere we are: Santa Claus, timeless and always benevolent, is getting ready to cross the airs in his sleigh, and fly all over the world. The reindeer will jump and split the clouds…Making billions of children dream and wait…Here comes his traditional and magic contribution to enlighten our 364 past days, and put a reward on it.

But Santa Claus has a bad habit: he used to use in our pocket and bank accounts, to fill in our persons. Let’s make a point, to have a real new Christmas, so far.

When it comes to your entourage, the very close one, it’s always the same process: what does he/she needs? What would make him/her happy? How can I create a real surprise, and see the happiness, utter joy in his/her eyes?

This year, I’ve learned something about past wish lists: the more you write, (and it also fits the New Year’s resolution and fresh starts you chose, with the 1st of January: oh yes, you can combine them into a one and only!), the more you need to need, the less you will feel satisfied, because of human nature: you always want more, different, customized complement, and you wait for…Next Year!

This time, you can innovate and give the persons whom you really love, care about, a different and priceless gift: the will to go where their secret envy and dreams remain. Where they want to go: a challenge to take, a battle to fight, or just to give them enough self confidence and trust, so they can get ready to jump into the void, trying to outdo and surprise themselves, with this ultimate deep achievement.

Yesterday, while talking to a friend-I should devote a chapter to describe this atypical and unclassifiable character, and I will before 2015 starts- and confessing myself about what is making me feel weak and addict, he pushed me-without knowing it, and doing it intentionally- in my interior retrenchment: I was facing myself, back to the wall, and obviously, I was constantly extending the deadline: It is time for me to quit SMOKING.

I am a heavy smoker. And I plead guilty, I love it. And yet, I am generously the heiress of a significant and considerable genetic patrimony…Not a good one, as you can guess. I am signing my smooth, vicious, and slow fall to the inevitable, if I continue.

As Sacha Guitry said “I have a lot of will: I stop smoking 20 times a day”! Well that’s me, at least.

So bringing in this conversation when I woke up this morning, while thinking about my daughter’s gift, it was obvious; I will stop smoking, definitely. And it starts now. As you are reading me, I am offering myself the possibility to get out of this abomination of addiction. Giving me a chance to preserve my health and beauty, and trying to avoid illness, as much as I can do, is the best gift ever. This is a gift for me, but also for the people whom I love, and who really loves me. Trying to spare them suffering is a way to show them how much they mean to me…

Today, I’ll thank my friend; he offered me a gift, a beautiful one, unintentionally.

So you can start a gift list with the IPhone 6, the last Shrimps coat,  a choice between  Anya Hindmarch or Charlotte Olympia bag’s, customized with a brand new Alexandre Birman  shoes…but you won’t feel the same as I do right now. Try it. A personal achievement is non valuable.

Because freedom begins and rise when you can struggle ,stand up against your own weaknesses, you will probably join this thought of Osama Dazai: “Addiction is perhaps a sickness of the spirit”… If it is, I ll master it, but I won’t do any crime, anymore, against my body.

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